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Internal Sass software

Project Info

Project Overview

To develop an Internal ERP software for Daves Label, a company that creates, manages, and tracks customer orders. The goal is to create a user-friendly platform that allows the company to manage their orders efficiently, track progress, and communicate with customers. Additionally, the platform will enable the Daves Label team to manage their inventory and invoices seamlessly.

Scope of work

The Internal ERP software was designed and developed using NextJs and Typescript for frontend development. Node Js was used for backend development, while MongoDB was used as the database management system. Tailwind was used for the user interface design, ensuring a responsive and modern design. The platform was deployed and containerized using Docker.

Infrastructure: The necessary infrastructure for the Internal ERP software was set up using AWS CDK, ensuring a reliable and scalable system. The platform was hosted in the cloud for high availability, low cost, and quick iteration. It was placed behind a firewall to only allow authenticated access from company locations. Services used are Elastic Bean Stalk(EBS), S3, Lambdas, API Gateway and many more other AWS services.

Database Management: MongoDB was used as the database management system to store customer orders, inventory, and invoices securely.

Third-party API Integration: The Google Calendar API was integrated to manage customer orders and schedule deliveries efficiently. Stripe was used for secure payment processing, allowing customers to make payments easily. Additionally, Twilio API was used for SMS notifications and communication, enabling the Daves Label team to communicate with customers efficiently.


The Internal ERP software has provided Daves Label with a user-friendly platform for managing their orders, tracking progress, and communicating with customers. The integration of Google Calendar API has enabled the team to manage their orders efficiently and schedule deliveries easily. The use of Stripe for secure payment processing has given customers confidence in their purchases. The integration of Twilio API has enabled SMS notifications and communication between the team and customers, improving customer service. The Internal ERP software has been a success, meeting the project’s objectives and providing Daves Label with an efficient way to manage their business.  Customer is still using this software.


  • Private Client

Tech Stack

  • NextJs
  • React
  • Node Js
  • MongoDB
  • Tailwind
  • Docker
  • Google API
  • Google Calendar API
  • Stripe
  • Custom Calendar Scheduling
  • Twillio API


    • 24 Pages
    • Dashboard for Admin to handle appointments
    • Dashboard for clients to make orders
    • Custom WordPress website for main page


    • SEO
    • Analytics
    • Social Media