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Project Overview

DDMPort project encompasses the development and implementation of a comprehensive software platform tailored to simplify the wholesale order-taking process for retailers. This involves the creation of a user-friendly interface that enables retailers to browse, select, and place orders for products offered by various vendors without the need for a physical salesperson. The scope includes the design and integration of features such as vendor connectivity, allowing retailers to establish connections with specific vendors to access their product catalogs. Additionally, the platform will incorporate functionalities to facilitate order management, including viewing order history, tracking shipments, and managing minimum order requirements set by individual vendors. The project scope extends to ensuring scalability and robustness to accommodate potential future expansions and enhancements to meet evolving business needs. Overall, the scope of work encompasses the development of a comprehensive online ordering solution aimed at enhancing efficiency, convenience, and sales opportunities for both wholesalers and retailers.

Scope of work

The development and integration of a sophisticated online ordering platform leveraging a stack of cutting-edge technologies. The project involves the utilization of Next.js for front-end development, ensuring a highly responsive and dynamic user interface powered by Material-UI (MUI) components for seamless user interactions. AWS services, managed through AWS CDK, will be employed to host and manage the infrastructure, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security. Docker will be utilized for containerization, enabling efficient scaling of the project to meet growing demands. Integration with SendGrid will facilitate automated email notifications for order confirmations and updates. Robust unit and integration testing will be implemented throughout the development process to ensure software quality and reliability. A custom bulk upload system will be developed to allow for the seamless uploading of thousands of products to AWS S3 storage. The platform will feature separate dashboards tailored for administrators, sellers, and buyers, each providing unique functionalities and access levels. The backend, developed in Node.js, will utilize MongoDB for efficient data storage and retrieval. Integration with Google Maps API will enhance the platform with location-based features. Overall, the scope of work entails the creation of a feature-rich and scalable online ordering solution, combining cutting-edge technologies to deliver a seamless experience for wholesalers, retailers, and administrators alike.


The DDMPort platform has successfully gained traction among wholesalers, with an increasing number of buyers swiftly onboarding to leverage its capabilities. Wholesalers now benefit from streamlined order management processes, enhanced efficiency, and expanded sales opportunities facilitated by the platform’s intuitive interface and robust feature set. Concurrently, buyers are increasingly recognizing the value proposition offered by DDMPort, drawn to its convenience, comprehensive product offerings, and user-friendly experience. The platform’s seamless integration with various technologies, coupled with its scalability and reliability, has established it as a preferred choice for wholesalers and buyers alike, fostering a growing community of users who rely on it to streamline their business operations and optimize their purchasing processes.


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  • Next.js
  • Node Js
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Google Maps API
  • Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Twillio API
  • SendGrid API
  • API Gateway
  • AWS Lambdas
  • AWS S3
  • Winston
  • Express
  • Many custom solutions


  • Web Application
  • CloudWatch
  • Monitoring with Sentry
  • Figma